How Monetizelead's magic automation will appease your commanding clients.

People visit your websites looking for your clients services, they complete your contact form. Your clients get a text with the option to purchase the lead with their debit/credit card. Upon purchase they are text messaged the leads full contact information. It's 100% automated from lead to sale to delivery. Your clients pay as they go, they never have to make an initial deposit. Here is what's in it for you:

  • You can sell leads to multiple services providers: realtors, dog walkers, etc.
  • You set your own price per lead and can add premium prices tags to a lead.
  • We support a name, email, phone number and zip code fields submitted from your contact form.
  • Use most existing websites by integrating our API.
  • The notification, to your clients, their purchase and delivery of the lead are 100% automated with our app.

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You pay us a flat monthly fee, to use our internet software you can sell leads automated to your own clients with. When you generate a lead from your website, your clients are automatically sent a text message by our software. The text message has a link to the full of information about the lead. You can brand our software too. To understand how it works in detail click this.

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Your Clients Could Be Treated Like Royalty & Spend More. With Their Own Built In CRM.

Your clients can login to their own CRM control panels to keep track of their purchases & update their info.

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