Monetizelead is a new automated way to assign leads to your internal teams and or sell them to your clients via SMS. It's 99.98% FREE - Get 10 FREE SMS Daily.

Imagine this. People complete your smart contact form we provide. Maybe you qualify the lead first and then submit it by hand manually through another free page we provide. You have the choice to make the lead purchasable & you have the option to make the lead acceptable. See the three ways you can use Monetizelead.

Tip: If you DON'T want your sales team to pay for leads you can have them skip the payment option and just accept the lead instead via SMS or show the leads data in the lead notification like they do with text vending companies.

Next, your team or lead buyers get a SMS lead notification with a link, to a buy now or accept button, to purchase or accept the lead submitted seconds ago. Then, your team or buyers will see:

  • how many times the leads been bought
  • what time it was distributed
  • the cost of the lead (if any)
  • how long since someone else bought or accepted the lead

Upon purchase or acceptance, team members & lead buyers are text messaged (sent an SMS) called a receipt with the leads full name, email, phone number and zipcode information.

That is all the data you can sell and assign, why? Because lead types are a better way to assign & distribute leads and add additional costs to leads. Lead Types allow you to create endless rules and filters surrounding assignment of the leads. You have an endless capibility to customize your lead distribution process and assignment rules by combining lead types.

Monetizelead is 100% automated from the leads sale to the leads assignment & distribution via SMS to your team. Plus, if you sell leads your lead buyers pay as they go, they never have to make an deposit of any kind.

The minimum cost you can make a lead is $0.50 if your charging for them see more.

Your team members and lead buyers get a place to login to Monetizelead to keep their profile information up to date, keep track of purchased leads and see their month over month purchases or accepts. See how it works.

See the help center full of videos and articles to get a real feel for Monetizelead.

The only cost is after you use your 10 FREE text messages per day to automatically distribute leads is $0.10 for the first 1,001 and unlimited SMS for only $0.05 after that.

We don't hold onto your lead sales money and plenty of other useful features to help you grow and not stunt your business, see what's in it for you.

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Signup 99.98% FREE. Monetizelead is free to use! Use it 99.98% free 10 SMS daily.

SMS pay per lead sales, trusted by one man shows to big boys like Geico & Zillow. Get their software 'FREE' just signup today, click here, plus 10 free SMS per day to distribute leads.

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Your buyers can track their purchases with our CRM.

Your clients can login to their own control panels to keep track of their purchases, chose the lead types they want.

Questions? Text Us About It!

(818) 276-6546