Sell new leads - automatically - upon signup via SMS to your own clients.


Integrate Moneitze Lead with your leadgen form to instantly send fresh referrals to buyers via text message.

We host the service.
You pay monthly to use it.

The step by step how it works.

First, you'll integrate RESTFul API into your web form. The API integration tab in the sellers panel gives a real world example to make it easy. You'll also add your Stripe & Twilio API Keys.

Second, you'll market your web lead form, and when someone fills out the form, all of your clients are sent text notifications showing partial lead information as a preview with a link to purchase it.

Third, your clients are sent to a purchase page that shows realtime age of the lead and how many other times it was purchased, if already purchased by another one of your clients.

Fourth, they're sent to a Stripe checkout form where they have the option to save their payment info to skip a step in the future after the first purchase. Clients get full lead information on the transaction receipt page.

Fifth, they are sent a text message receipt with the complete lead information. They will also receive an email transaction receipt from Stripe with the complete lead information.

Your clients will get 24/7 login system access to keep track of all their lead purchases and their spend. You get paid via Stripe directly to your bank within 3 days. You have complete control of your money.

Integration Partners

Control your own accounts.

We don't mark up the cost of text messages, we don't hold YOUR lead sales revenue and we never charge you any transaction fees. Just pay a flat monthly fee.

5-Minute Form Integration

Using RESTFul API.

Our RESTFul API is easy to integrate into any self hosted website or form/funnel builder.

Client Management System

& Seller Control Panel

Customize messages, colors and logos. Reverse leads on your own, visually track sales and manage client accounts.

Secure login with advanced encrypted passwords, brute force protections, CSFR protections and more to keep your business and clients safe.

Change the colors of the user flow pages to match your brand, upload your custom logo and control your Stripe & Twilio API Keys.

Easily reverse leads you generate, unreverse them or add them back to client's purchases with a click of a button.

Visually track all of your client lifetime purchases and revenue in custom range graphs.

Advanced Admin Panel is provided with access to managing members, email notifications, IP Blocking and so much more.

A powerful User Role System allows you to give administrative access to specific employees so you can grow your business.

Buyer Control Panel

User friendly for everybody.

Give your clients login access to Use their lead purchases and track their spend.

The minimalist approach we took in designing the Control Panel options won't confuse your clients.

After purchasing a lead it will be visible right below the historical lead purchases graph.

Powerful and fast lead revenue reporting for daily purchases and spend lets your clients Use their historical purchases and all time spend.