Assign leads to your sales teams by giving an option to Accept.

You have a sales team, and you're not selling leads to anyone. In the SMS customization area under the 'options tab,' you will change out |url| with |urlteam| in the text message customization area. Your team members will get a link to Accept a lead instead of buying information via SMS.

Tip: You get ten free SMS each day to automatically send a lead notification to your agents or lead buyers. You pay $0.10 per SMS lead notification after that. If you send more than 1,001 SMS per day, you'll only pay $0.05 per SMS lead notification: no other costs, zero.


Assign leads to your lead buyers by giving an option to Buy Now.

You have lead buyers, and you are selling them leads. In the same SMS customizations 'options tab,' you don't need to do anything. When you use |url| in the text message customization area, your sellers will get a link to Buy a lead instead of just Accepting the information.

Tip: Agents & lead buyers can unselect all the lead types in their profile, and they won't get any more lead notifications. You won't pay to SMS them at this point: because they've unselected all the lead types in their profile. They can log in later when they're ready to get lead notifications again.


Assign leads right inside the lead notification you originally send.

You can input all the lead's contact information straight into the lead notification sent via SMS in the lead customization panel. Your sales team, lead buyers, or agents won't have to do anything, or you can give partial information to sellers like a name or a zipcode.

Tip for Employeers: If you wish not to sell the lead and only to distribute the information. You can do this too. You can add all the lead's contact details right into the actual lead notification sent before purchase and skip the selling part. Some real estate companies and insurance agencies prefer this when it's their employees. They enjoy using lead types to distribute intelligently leads the best-qualified agents.

Automation will help make you a lot more money and save you the hassle. See what the lead notification looks like by clicking here.

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