Team members & lead buyers can signup or you add them manually.

Give your sales team, agents or lead buyers a link to sign-up under your account on our cloud software. They don't need a credit card to sign-up as you did. No initial financial commitment on their end until they buy a lead from a lead notification they'll get. Sales team, agents, and lead buyers manage their own profile to update the phone number they get the lead notification at, profile pictures and what kind of leads they want to be notified about. Your sales team, agents and lead buyers keep track of their own purchases neatly in one place in their own simple CRM.

Tip: You get ten free SMS each day to automatically send a lead notification to your agents or lead buyers. You pay $0.10 per SMS lead notification after that. If you send more than 1,001 SMS per day, you'll only pay $0.05 per SMS lead notification: no No other costs, zero.


Lead contacts you through MonetizeContactâ„¢ or elsewhere.

A lead submits your free contact form called MonetizeContactâ„¢ , and that leads data is sent to Monetizelead or from your own webform using our API.

Next, a lead sms notification gets sent to anyone's cell phone whose chosen lead tags are associated with the contact forms lead types They can update the phone number they get the lead notification, profile pictures, and what kind of leads they want to get notified. Your sales team, agents, and lead buyers keep track of their purchases neatly in one place in lead types; you attach these lead types to your contact form. When those forms are submitted, those individual agents and lead buyers are SMSed/text messaged a lead SMS notification for those lead types.

Tip: Agents & lead buyers can unselect all the lead types in their profile and they won't get any more lead notifications. You won't pay to SMS them at this point: because they've unselected all the lead types in their profile. They can log in later when they're ready to get lead notifications again.


Your team or buyers then get a lead notification via SMS to buy or accept lead.

Your team members or lead buyers will receive a text message containing a link to purchase or accept the lead.

They'll see when you generated the lead when the lead was last purchased or accepted, how many times the information has got purchased/accepted and if a lead buyer the leads cost.

Team members, get shown an accept button that sends them straight to the lead's contact information and sends the team member a text message with the leads contact details.

Lead buyers, get shown a purchase button that opens up to a credit card purchase form. processes the lead payment; you'll need an account, the same people from PayPal build it. Agents & lead buyers can choose to save their credit card info for '1-Click Checkout' next time they buy a lead.

Tip for Employeers: If you wish not to sell the lead and only to distribute the information. You can do this too. You can add all the lead's contact details right into the actual lead notification sent before purchase and skip the selling part. Some real estate companies and insurance agencies prefer this when it's their employees. They enjoy using lead types to distribute intelligently leads the best-qualified agents.

Automation will help make you a lot more money and save you the hassle. See what the lead notification looks like by clicking here.


Your client decides to accept or buy the lead and taps the purchase or accept button.

Immediately after accepting or purchasing , your team or lead buyers are shown a page with the lead's complete contact information. They get sent a text message receipt, including the lead information that we SMS for free. Get paid for the information you just sold; we take 0.00% commission, the money goes straight to Stripe than to your bank account.

Bonus: It's free with ten lead notifications via SMS every single day. See what the checkout form looks like that your agents or leads buyers will see before buying a lead by clicking here.

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