You meet someone new that needs more clients of their own.

You give your new client a link to sign-up at our app, they don't need a credit card unless they're buying a lead. You can have as many websites as you want to generate leads for as many different things as you can find people to buy leads from. No initial financial commitment on your clients end make new clients feel safer signing up. Your clients manage their own profile and keep track of their own purchases neatly in one place in their own control panel.Less work for you each month.

Imagine how quick you can grow a business like this.


Someone, a new lead, requests contact through your website.

Your websites contact form sends the lead to the app and tells all of your clients who are looking for that kind of lead by sending them a text message. Your clients can choose the type of leads they want to receive from their own profile. Meaning it's automated when the lead notification and potential sale happens.

You just add a short code to your websites contact form that talks to our app.


Your clients then get notified via SMS to buy the lead.

Your clients will recieve text messages containing a link they open where they will see when the lead was generated, when the lead was last purchased, how many times to lead has been purchased and the cost, and a purchase button at the bottom which will open up to a credit card purchase form.

Automation will help make you a lot more money. See what the message looks like by clicking here.


Your client decides to buy the lead and taps the purchase button.

Immediately after purchasing the clients are shown a page with the leads full contact information and are sent a text message reciept. Get paid for the lead you just sold, the money goes straight to your bank account and your client get text messaged the leads contact information.

It's that easy. That's all there is to it. See what the checkout form looks like by clicking here.

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